Centre Picasso d’Horta

The Foundation is honored to be recognized by the Centre Picasso Museo in Horta de Sant Joan, Spain for our donation to the museum and education center. A colorful plaque announcing the Mel & Leta Ramos Family Foundation’s contribution was installed on the entrance wall, cementing our commitment to my parents’ dedication to giving locally, as Horta was their home and studio for the summer months since 1972. Leta would invite the local children into her studio and create art projects from recycled objects she collected in her daily activities. Castles were made from paper towel rolls, plastic yogurt cups, and decorative foil saved from candy wrappers. Mel and Leta had an open-door policy for the studio in Horta and welcomed artists and visitors to breathe in the creative air which inspired not just my parents and their Bay Area artist friends, but lured Pablo Picasso as well. In Mel and Leta’s spirit of sharing and welcoming, the Foundation will continue to support the local youth and artists with annual donations of art supplies.

Founder/CEO Rochelle Leininger (left) with Museo Director Joaquim Ferràs (right)